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Global consumer products company

Research and Development department
  • Revenue and cost analysis, projections and support for future products,
  • Portfolio analysis on projects each with sales potential from $50 - $300 Million.
  • Analyses for these global products included particular attention to regional, country and culture-specific variations.
  • analyzed a supplier’s manufacturing process
Purchasing department of Japan Division
  • Identified areas to reduce the total material costs by $500 Million in 4 years.
  • Collaborated with raw materials buyers and product designers to create cost pathway models to illustrate gap between current direction and goal.
  • Taught principles of “should cost” analysis for designing new products and supplier negotiations. (“Should Cost”: computer simulation of the manufacturing process and cost to produce a material or product.)

National health maintenance organization

Material Services
  • Created a more efficient method of communication of operation analyses between the Business Strategy division and the nursing staff.
  • Savings Analysis of national material contracts: model building and analysis of budgetary impact
  • Cost Forecasting: led team that designed and provided training for company’s first material cost forecasting program.
  • Commodity Compliance Analysis.
Business Strategy & Finance
  • Budget Information Toolkit: program providing Nurse-managers data for use in developing budgets
  • Budget Collection Mechanism: program for the gathering and uploading of budget templates from Nurse-managers.
Medical Practice
  • Analysis of total operations for profit improvement and determination of doctors’ pay.
  • Helped re-design receivables system, cutting outstanding debt level by 60%.
  • Participated in selection and introduction of computers, achieving conversion from manual systems in only two weeks.
Blood Center

Human Resources
  • Developed program for use in analyzing of employee pay, benefits, activities, etc
  • Began development of web-based employee support

National mortgage company

Participated in a Sales-Effectiveness/Production-Needs Assessment:
  • Interviewed a large sample of the top retail loan officers;
  • Identified opportunities for improvement by ascertaining their goals and challenges;
  • Analyzed the potential profit impact of addressing the opportunities, including the need of/use for a CRM-solution; and
French Asset Management company
  • Advised on the marketing material for this unique “asset-management network”

Large Developer and Manager of Residential and Commercial Properties

Using Excel, VBA, Database and SQL skills, assisted:
  • Development improve and enhance existing Pro-Forma decision making tool; and
  • Application Services redesign Finance and Accounting reporting tools during software conversion.
French Asset Management company
  • Advised on the marketing material for this unique “asset-management network”